Alex Ricardo Scam? (Eng)

Yes! It is a Scam. A Fraud. A Bamboozle.Don’t trust Alex Ricardo, a Nigerian posing as an Englishman, operating out of Nigeria.
His plan is simple. He pumps out adverts for things like iPhones or Nikon Cameras under the company name of EFFORT MARK LIMITED, but after receiving the money he then phones you demanding more (up to 400 Euros more) to pay for the supposed Nigerian customs… Although the advert hadn’t stated these charges and the item and vendor were clearly situated in the U.K…
And ontop of keeping your money and not sending any item he then harasses you for weeks with angry phone calls, demanding more money from withheld numbers. He’s a thief and con-man and the saddest part is that there is probably nothing that you can do, seeing as Interpol supposedly don’t touch Nigeria…
If you’re reading this because you’ve had dealings with him, I’m late – and you’ve still got a lot of early morning phone calls left… But if you haven’t; remember to always use a trusted trading site like eBay

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