STEMS: Geneva

STEMS: a Zombie Romance you can really get your teeth into!

This is the first book in the STEMS trilogy, a zombie thriller quite unlike anything you’ve read.
Written by award-winning author Joe! (Joe Exclamation) Available now on ebook and paperback HERE:

Science Fiction Zombie Thriller STEMS: Geneva

Let’s face it, zombies are clumsy-footed, slow, idiots.
Maybe this is why young scientist Weyland Forth refuses to recognize the dead soldier now standing, smiling at him, as a zombie. Weyland creates a miraculous healing serum using Stem Cell engineering, capable of even regenerating missing limbs. This goes horribly wrong when the serum proves its effectiveness even beyond death. These flesh-hungry un-dead zombies are fast, clever and even capable of regeneration.
A must-read for any Zombie enthusiast!

“Hold onto your cricket bats, STEMS turns the whole Zombie Genre on its head.” – Fayk Magazine

Forget all you know about zombies. Slow, clumsy idiots dragging their feet in search of human blood. But what if they weren’t slow? Or don’t die from destroying the brains? Retained muscle memory making them capable of opening doors? And are even capable of regenerating new limbs? This fresh zombie thriller completely reinvents the genre when young scientist Weyland Forth accidentally creates this unstoppable virus amongst human beings from his honest and ground-breaking stem-cell regeneration project. When the military seizes him and his university sweet-heart Katrina, things become catastrophic as the virus is introduced into an experimental series of Super Soldiers. A Science Fiction Zombie Thriller based on the un-dead like you’ve never seen them. Smart, Fast and Unstoppable.

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Science Fiction Zombie Thriller STEMS: Geneva
Science Fiction Zombie Thriller STEMS: Geneva

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