¡Oh mira!, otro timador Nigeriano usando esta cuenta de Ebay; ukujana567. Acabo de vender mi cámara y pretenden que envíe el objeto sin haber pagado. Voy a hablar de “ellos” porque sospecho que tienen a más de uno trabajando en estos timos.

El último timo
Compran tu objeto, y entonces te piden tu cuenta de PayPal. Si se la das te envían una falsificación del pago de PayPal por notificación de email, enviada desde esta dirección; instanttransferonline@accountant.com
Y esperan que les envíes el paquete…

Éstas son las direcciones que usan.
Con suerte habrás llegado hasta aquí a través del buscador de Google, ANTES de que te timen…

Oh look, another Nigerian scammer using this ebay account;
Just ended my camera sale and tried to get me to send the item without paying.
I’m going to say ‘they’ because I suspect that they’ve got more than one working these scams.

The Latest Scam

They buy your item, and then ask for your PayPal account. If you give it they send you a foney PayPal payment notification email, sent from this email address;
And expect you to send them the package…

These are the addresses they use;
TELEPHONE NUMBER….+2347029556014

tade tayo
66 A Avenue Doct Raymond Picaud
06150 Cannes La Bocca
France métropolitaine

Hopefully you’ve arrived here through a google search, BEFORE they’ve scammed you…

5 thoughts on “Tade Tayo SCAMMER”

  1. Hahaha I had the same thing happen to me just a few days ago with a laptop but his name was Sina Tayo using the ebay account kijina3456. The guy asked me for an invoice from ebays site for shipping costs to France. So giving him the benefit of the doubt (I don’t like sending overseas for this reason) I did which would have been $115+.

    Then he emailed me (not through ebay just an regular yahoo email) after I sent him the ebay invoice telling me he paid me through paypal and changed the address to the one similar to yours telling me he posted sufficient funds for shipping which was $80… If you have to spend $115 to send something to France it’s going to be the same if not more to Nigeria first off.

    Second, how dumb do you think a lot of us are that we don’t check our actual paypal accounts for payment before sending anything (I know some people don’t sucks to be them) when most smart sellers use paypal to print the shipping label… Kinda obvious when you log in and see big fat $0.00 on the front page don’t you think?

    Now I get to wait while ebay tries to contact the buyer via the resolution center to get the Final value fee for the item removed.

    Any who don’t believe these people it’s all a bunch of BS always be cautious when a buyer has no ratings when selling electronics and use the ebay features to your advantage.

  2. Glad to hear you’re not gullible!
    I found you can skip the Resolution Centre wait, if you report the sale as fraudulent activity.
    It only takes a couple of days (as opposed to the 8 day wait when selecting “Buyer hasn’t paid”) and they cancel the offenders account and reimburse your final value fee, AND the auction fee.

    A stupid waste of time, and for a lot of people, money and goods.
    It’s scary to think of the future when these Nigerians get good at internet!


  3. I just had exactly the same scam tried on me for a laptop – lets hope the nigerians get what is coming to them in the nicest possile way of course

  4. Huh yeh,
    I had thought of telling them I had sent the item, as a small revenge, to leave them hanging on, see how they like it…
    But thought better of it…

    Guess I’m just too nice.

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